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Referencing the Saturday article in The Wilson Times, “Woodard: Dog-Dumping Case Politicized,” we feel compelled to respond. We were unaware until reading Sheriff Woodard’s comments that animal … more
The deadline for voter registration applications for the North Carolina primary is this Friday, April 13. Primary elections are important. They determine which candidates will run in the November … more
In 2013, Wilson County Schools began the Spanish immersion program. Over the last 14 months, the community has banded together to support the program and the Spanish immersion teachers in an effort … more
Re: “Keith Barnes’ column a bright spot,” by Sally Hill, and “Hitchin’ a ride led to adventure,” by Keith Barnes, Thursday: I have been known to write a letter or two to the Times and … more
Re: “Teens’ ‘grassroots’ gun protests look more like Astroturf,” by Tom Haitema, Saturday: At least 73 teens have been shot to death in the 37 days since that Parkland High School … more
My name is Jeff Matemu, a Christian and a candidate for the U.S House of Representatives. I am running to give the people a choice, so that they do not feel like they can only choose between a … more
Re: “Truth must prevail in Mueller’s Trump probe” by William T. (Nick) Smith, April 2: Nick, we’re at odds again. Your short missive provides plenty of reasons. Your ironic tone backfires … more
I can’t believe there are so many people confused about the Second Amendment. Exactly what part of “shall not be infringed” do you not understand? Today, we have students who are fighting to … more
What do Adam Lanza, Elliot Rodgers, Dylann Roof, Nikolas Cruz and those recruited to ISIS and the Hitler Youth movement have in common? First, they strike terror and hatred into the hearts of … more
Just wondering if anyone can explain the loud booming noise that happened here last Friday night, March 30 at about 8:25 p.m.? I live near the country club area on Pinehurst Drive. It was loud and … more
Is The Wilson Times dedicated to just publishing all things Democratic? Over the past few months, The Wilson Times has consistently presented Democratic functions. Your article, for example, … more
Re: “Involuntary commitments can be based on scant speculation” by Jeffrey T. Farmer, Wednesday: The entire way that its done is off in this state. Someone going through a temporary troubling … more
Are we weak-minded to be led to protesting gun ownership while being distracted from drugs killing our youth and children? Yes we are! While we are being distracted, hundreds of innocents are … more
Re: “No welcome mat for local guests at Wilson hotels,” March 23: The Times editorial in Saturday’s paper was very well-written. It does seem many locals such as myself have been left in the … more
Thank you for publishing Keith Barnes’ column in The Wilson Times. He is a great, talented writer and I am so happy that he is writing for our Wilson community newspaper again. Sally … more
The ease of involuntarily committing someone — rightfully or wrongfully — by local law enforcement agents in this community and state has got to stop! This dirty little secret has gone on long … more
After spending more than 20 years of my life defending the United States, the Constitution and its people, it is difficult watching the destruction of our freedoms one by one. The first attack … more
Donald J. Trump, duly elected president through the electoral vote system in the republic of the United States, is a proven habitual liar and cheat in all phases of his entire adult life. Yet he has … more
After lauding the children’s spontaneous, well-organized and totally organic demonstrations against gun violence the writer of “The children marching for our lives” (George Leach column, … more
One more gun in the hands of a hotel worker in Vegas, a teacher in Miami, a patron in Orlando and a moviegoer in Colorado could have turned the crazed killer into Swiss cheese and saved many young … more
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