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Today, jury nullification exists in a delicate dance between judges, prosecutors and jurors. Federal courts acknowledge that juries can judge the law as well as the evidence, but they’ve also decided judges must withhold this information and instruct jurors to apply the law as it’s explained from the bench.

Courts can't censor jury rights flyers

Activists can’t be jailed for telling jurors they’re free to acquit defendants who break unjust laws, a federal court recently confirmed. U.S. District Judge Denise Cote struck down a …
Oliver Hedgepeth

More jobs for older workers?

As we work around upgrading our family home behind Fleming Stadium for our historic Wilson Tobs, for this last year, it’s amazing how many older workers showed up.  Experience counts …
Joe Weaver

Letters pile up as lousy pen pal procrastinates

The other night after dinner, my wife pointed to a small stack of mail on my desk. She had noticed it getting a little taller and eventually it caught her attention. She picked it up and dropped it …
John Hood

Lieutenant governor rivals differ sharply

RALEIGH — The post of lieutenant governor is a constitutional office in North Carolina, and the only one empowered to exercise both legislative and executive powers. Those powers are rather …
Gary Pearce

Bugs Bunny always wins campaign debates

Forty years in politics made me an expert on debates, whether I wanted to be or not. I did endless hours of debate prep. I negotiated debate rules with broadcasters and opponents’ …
D.G. Martin

Religion: Too much or not enough?

Is Joe Biden too Catholic? Or not enough? Has Donald Trump corrupted the leaders of conservative religious groups? Religion is everywhere, even in four important books featured during the next …
Tom Campbell

Framers, pivots and defensemen: Our formulaic political debates

Sure as autumn leaves turn color and fall is the inevitable political debate season now upon us. If you are old enough to remember the Kennedy-Nixon debates, you will recall the time when there was …
Mike Walden

Recession, recovery or something else?

When I speak to groups — virtually for the last six months — I perceive two concerns. One is fear about the virus, especially how long it will last and whether a vaccine will be …
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