Thank you for letting me serve as your representative

Good Samaritans join search for missing key

Trump-bashing won't stop president's positivity

Retire the Redskins' name

A not-so-happy Fourth of July

Strategic erasure threatens Western traditions

Saluting a fallen veteran and celebrating Independence Day

Declare independence from irrational virus fears

Hitler blended socialism with fascism

Wilson a leader in community policing

Give this patriotic song a listen

Fascism: A corrupt alliance between government, big business

A hot car can kill your dog in minutes

Cooper leads with a statesman's steady hand

Wilson excels on stormwater control

Social issues don’t overshadow pocketbook politics

Protecting public health isn't 'dirty work'

Confederate troops resisted an illegal invasion

Name the real domestic terrorists

Wide overlap between fascism, socialism

Hitler was a fascist, not a socialist

Trump supporters: Follow your leader

Caring for our brothers, sisters in God

The dirty work of cultural cleansing

Was Cooper complicit in monument vandalism?

Context missing from coronavirus coverage

Leftists and their institutional racism

Coronavirus comparisons miss the mark

Some of history's worst quotes, predictions

'Members only' mentality excludes too many

Give Pence a chance as GOP standard-bearer

Be willing to learn, grow and work toward change

Radical leftists cause chaos, 'secede' from Seattle

Too many Americans punished for their speech

Separate facts from feelings on policing

Stand up, speak up for our police

Cooper's coronavirus precautions are necessary

Cooper won't practice what he preaches on COVID-19

The answer is forgiveness

Write equality, justice into America's history

Bring fireworks freedom to NC

Oliver Hedgepeth

Mom's pecan pie still lives today

I almost blew it until a Sunday paper alerted me to National Pecan Pie Day.  So, it was time to make a pecan pie — not for me, but for Ashley Benton, my oldest granddaughter. …

Circuit court cheers student speech rights

Schoolwork may become homework if the coronavirus closes classrooms, but school rules are less likely to hitch a ride home with socially distanced teenagers this fall. A rural Pennsylvania high …
Melinda Sampson

Under asylum rule, human trafficking survivors would suffer

Protections for human trafficking survivors are being steadily eroded.  From cuts in funding to clandestine attacks on immigration rights for survivors, the current administration has …
Jessica Bailey

Construction technology program starts next month at Wilson Community College

Did you know that Wilson Community College has a brand-new program starting this fall? The new two-year degree program, building construction technology, prepares students to apply technical …
LaMonique Hamilton

The prayer of rest

I’ve started doing something each night that I haven’t done since I was a young girl — kneeling beside my bed to pray before climbing under the covers. I have a dedicated space …
Tom Campbell

Wearing mask to protect fellow Americans is patriotic

This was the most unusual July Fourth holiday most of us ever experienced. It just wasn’t the same without the traditional bands, parades, fireworks and cookouts. With all we’ve been …
John Hood

Don't keep workers sidelined

RALEIGH — North Carolina’s “headline” unemployment rate in May was 12.9%. That’s the highest monthly rate since the Great Depression. But on a number of occasions during …
Hal Tarleton

'Lift Every Voice and Sing' can lift America

Lost among the news from a busy Independence Day weekend was a Washington Post report that the National Football League would begin its first game of the 2020-21 season with the playing or …
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