A Dew family history; Missionary Baptist property sold for $8

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John Thomas Dew, son of John Dew and wife of Sally Lucas, was born in Wilson County on Dec. 29, 1869, and died on Oct. 18, 1951. He married Maud Boswell, daughter of Bunyan Boswell and wife Temperance Tomlinson. She was born on March 5, 1886.

Children of John and Maud Dew:

1. Elmer Dew was born on Nov. 2, 1903, and died in July 1905.

2. Esther Dora Dew was born on Aug. 30, 1905. In July of 1948, she married H.C. Johnson of Wrightsville Beach.

3. George Bunyan Dew was born on April 17, 1908, and was still unmarried in 1961.

4. Larry Moses Dew was born on Aug. 2, 1910. He married Doris Lamm.

5. Susie Gray Dew was born on June 12, 1914. She married Joseph Frank Koster of Wilson.

a. Joe Frank Koster Jr.

b. John Gray Koster

6. Marjorie Boswell Dew was born on Aug. 13, 1916. She married Charles Joseph Bekaert. 

7. Elizabeth Dew was born on Aug. 11, 1918. On Sept. 13, 1948, she married Junius Clayton Lee, son of Junius Paul Lee and wife Lula Odum. He was born on July 11, 1920, at Erwin, N.C. She received her A.B. degree from Atlantic Christian College in 1940. Her husband attended ACC for two years. He served in the U.S. Navy from 1937-45.

a. Martha Boswell Lee was born on July 30, 1950, at Winston-Salem.


On March 21, 1879, Thomas G. and Rebecca J. Dixon of Wilson County sold “the members of the Colored Missionary Baptist Church situated near Toisnot of the County of Wilson and State aforesaid” for $8 “the lot of land on which the said Church stands” adjoining Levey Hays and W.T. Taylor, witnessed by M.M. Williams, J.P.


John Dew, son of Larry Dew and wife Nancy Bardin, was born in Edgecombe (now Wilson) County on Feb. 1, 1821. On Feb. 26, 1844, he married Martha Simms, daughter of James and Zillah Simms. She was born on June 26, 1828, and died on July 14, 1859.

In the Edgecombe County Census of 1850, he was a farmer worth $2,500, with wife and two daughters, the last not yet named. In the Wilson County Census of 1860 (No. 473,470) he was a farmer worth $42,440 in real and personal property and had three daughters.

On Dec. 25, 1877, in Wilson County, John Dew married Sallie Lucas, daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth Lucas of Wilson County, with R.J. Taylor, J.P., officiating, and witnessed by G. Edmundson, Jonathan Bass and Mollie L. Bass. She was born on Oct. 10, 1846, and died on April 17, 1896.

Children of John and Martha Dew:

1. Zillah Dew was born in 1845. She married Thomas Newsome.

2. Mary Elizabeth Dew was born in 1849.

3. Martha Simms “Puss” Dew was born in July 1859. She is said to have married (1) a Corrow and (2) a Spivey.

Children of John and Sallie Dew:

1. Elizabeth “Bettie” Dew was born on March 2, 1867, and died on Aug. 28, 1929. She married A.M. Thompson. He was born on Sept. 30, 1851, and died on April 11, 1924.

a. Larry Thompson was born on July 12, 1888, and died on Feb. 13, 1925. He served in World War I.

b. Mavis Thompson was born on Oct. 24, 1884, and died on March 22, 1923. She married G.F. Whitehead.

2. John Thomas Dew was born on Dec. 29, 1869.

3. George Roscoe Dew was born on March 13, 1873, and died on Dec. 5, 1936. On May 14, 1903, he married Lizzie White, daughter of John Christopher White and wife Martha Chaves. She was born on Jan. 5, 1877, near Bunn in Franklin County. They had no children.

4. Sular F. Dew was born on Oct. 6, 1878, and died on Sept. 5, 1913. She married A.B. Williams. He was born on Oct. 4, 1878, and died on Aug. 27, 1920.


On Aug. 16, 1904, David Daniel sold the Wilson Light & Power Company for $10,000 a part of the J.T. Wiggins purchase “on which is situate the grist and saw mills, together with the mill property of every description, and all the easements, rights and privileges useful and necessary for the full use and enjoyment of the same, including hereunder and intending to convey hereby the mill pond and the lands covered by the waters thereof up to the high water mark; also all machinery, fixed or movable, tools incident thereto, and connected with the saw mill or grist mill situate on the above described lands” witnessed by George W. Connor.


On Nov. 26, 1881, George W. and S.E. Blount sold John Hutchinson, G.D. Green, A.N. Daniel, T.B. Sugg, J.W. Primrose and John T. Barnes for $750 as “Trustees of the Presbyterian Church in the Town of Wilson and their successors in Office,” a half-acre lot on the corner of Nash and Jackson streets adjoining Mrs. O.E. Williams’, running 96 ½ feet to the corner on Nash Street, 199 feet on Jackson Street to John Manning’s line, and along C.B. Strickland for 76 feet on the back line. (It was apparently an L-shaped lot, with part of the “L” extending parallel with Nash Street behind the Williams property not included in the sale.)

Hugh Johnston was a Wilson County historian who wrote these historical capsules that previously appeared in The Wilson Daily Times. They are reprinted from a volume of his “Looking Backward” series of books available at the Wilson County Public Library.