Black voters shouldn’t fall for Trump’s pitch

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I wonder how many people are aware that Trump thinks he can win reelection if he can get 10% of black people to support his candidacy for president. This shows he really must think black people are fools.

I think it may be possible for him to garner a small percentage of people of color to support him. These are those mainly wealthy, selfish individuals who benefit from Republican economic policies. I refer to those as Stephenesque black people. To understand the term Stephenesque, one has to see the movie “Django Unchained.” The character Stephen, in my mind, reflects those type of blacks. People whose major concern is protecting their position in life with the white establishment over anything. This includes not being concerned with the well-being of others and the ideals expressed in the Declaration of Independence.

When Trump minions come along with their spiel of what a great president he will be for black people, remember — Trump is a liar and so are they. To prove it, just ask them two questions. Where is that fat tax cut he promised the middle class when he ran for president? And then ask: If Obama had promised such a tax cut and not delivered, would they support him?

Any person who refuses to recognize Trump and the majority of his Republican base as racist has to have been asleep for the past 50 years or be too young. After President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act, all of those pro-Jim Crow Democrats became Jim Crow Republicans. The Republican Party is no longer the party of Lincoln. These hateful people are now the Republican Party’s base.

Every Republican president since Richard Nixon has pandered to these people and have tried to portray themselves as Christians doing God’s work. This is a lie also. White evangelicals in the South use this to justify their support for Republicans. What Christian virtues does Trump exhibit? If you were raised under Christian teachings, you know he exhibits none.

Don’t go the way of these evangelicals and become betrayers to the teachings of Jesus. Reject Trump and all he represents. It’s my opinion that blacks supporting Trump and the Republican Party would be like Jews supporting Hitler.

Merrell Washington

Rocky Mount