Cheers to working downtown

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Cheers to The Wilson Times finally being all moved in at its new location downtown. For those of you who have been living under a rock, The Wilson Times moved last week into its new building. The move was made so simple and easy by the many people helping us and it has definitely been a great experience being downtown these last two weeks. Wednesday morning, we can see the Farmers’ Market from our back door and believe me, I take advantage of that fact. Being downtown has also given me the chance to explore the downtown food hot spots for lunch. It is great to just walk down the street for lunch instead of getting in the car to drive across town.

Jeers to the Tobs’ less than exciting season. Out of the last 13 games, the Tobs have played the Peninsula Pilots seven times, and out of those seven games, the Tobs have only won one game. Yes, the Tobs’ record for the start of their season is not fabulous at 4-9, but as a spectator it is not entertaining to not only see them play the same team week after week, night after night, but then to see them lose to that same team each time.

Cheers to “Wonder Woman.” I know it has been out for two weeks now, but it so good I can never stop mentioning its awesomeness enough. I saw the movie at the IMAX in Raleigh last week and I am in love. It is so good and in IMAX 3D it blew my mind. Diana was strong, smart, sexy and, for lack of a better word, absolutely badass. Halloween costume has officially been planned. I’m not saying I am Wonder Woman, but have you ever seen Wonder Woman and me in the same room before?

Continuing with the happy vibes, Cheers to the new season of “Orange is the New Black” being released on Netflix this week. For those of you who suffer from OITNB fever like me, I wish I could talk spoilers with you. But I won’t do it, as to not ruin it for those who somehow have more self-control than us. I will however say that Taystee is force to be reckoned with this season.

Jeers to “Bachelor in Paradise” being canceled before it even began. I was looking forward to another summer binge of “Bachelor in Paradise,” but I guess I will be going without. And before you start lecturing me... Yes, I know they only know each other a few days before they declare that they are ‘in love.’ And yes, I know it is stupid and lots of drama, but I enjoy watching other people’s drama, so let me grab my popcorn.

This season was sure to be drama-filled with villians Corinne and DeMario heading to paradise. But alas the stupidity was too strong with that one, because only two days after filming began it was shut down due to an alleged sexual assault. Different stories are being told and nothing seems to be 100 percent clear right now. But while they figure it all out, can’t they just head back to Mexico and film the Evan and Carly wedding that I am dying to see?

Finally I’d like to selfishly hand out a cheers to myself, because I drove my boyfriend’s truck to work today and did not crush any cars or people, which is always a win.