Congress failed to reform immigration, secure the border

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The Immigration Reform and Control Act, or “Reagan amnesty,” passed on Nov. 6, 1986, granting amnesty to illegal immigrants who met eligibility requirements. In passing the act, both Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate agreed to secure the border and improve immigration laws so that no future amnesty would be required.

Since 1986, succeeding Congresses have failed to keep their promises to secure the border and improve immigration laws. The U.S. border still is not secure and any attempts made to improve the laws have failed. The immigration laws today are in worse condition than those of 1986. No progress has been made in their improvement.

Until President Trump, no president since 1986 has devoted the effort required for immigration reform. President Trump’s efforts have been blocked by both Democrats and Republicans. When we have a president who is willing to employ the effort needed, our other elected officials are unwilling to help him.

At differing points in time, each party’s waved the immigration banner. When there’s a chance to secure the border and improve immigration, both parties abandon a willing president. Why is it that politicians who are supposed to be master negotiators are unwilling to reach a compromise?

It’s a shame that our federal elected officials have put their careers in politics ahead of the United States’ security.

Those same officials live behind secure walls, sometimes guarded by people with firearms. Those who don’t live behind walls lock their doors and windows each night for fear that someone will break into their homes. Why don’t they have the same fear and concern for the U.S. and our citizens?

It’s time those officials keep the promises they made when they were running for office. There has only been one elected official who has kept his campaign promises — President Donald J. Trump!

Ray Shamlin

Rocky Mount