Deed transfers for July 31 - Aug. 4

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The following deed transfers for the week of July 31 - Aug. 4, 2017 have been recorded in the Wilson County Register of Deeds Office:

From A. B. Cooper Jr. to Cherise Pittman, Randy Pittman, 9044 Brookfield Dr., Rocky Mount, $56,000;

From Kingsmill Homes of Wilson Inc. to Samuel S. Hedgepeth, Misty N. Hedgepeth, 3205 Waterloo Court N., $168,000;

From Wilson County to Vera Chatman, 1703 Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway, no stamp;

From Wilson County to Vera Chatman, 811 Lincoln St. S., no stamp;

From Lindsey E. De Guehery, Mary De Guehery to City of Wilson, 227 Nash Street E., $135,000;

From John K. Bergland, Barbara J. Bergland to Myra S. Lancaster, 4515 Bar Harbor Drive NW, $152,000;

From Linda B. Matthews, Mark C. Matthews, Frances B. Adams, Carolyn L. Aldridge, Nancy L. Farris, Robert A. Farris Jr., Dora L. Turner to Action Property Group LLC, 1101,1103, 1105, 1107, 1109, 1111, 1113, 1115 and 1117 Par Three Drive S., $780,000;

From Ed Apol Truck Broker Inc. to Ichiban USA III LLC, 6769 Reedy Branch Road, $105,000;

From Joseph Hunter Parks II, Jillian Garrett Parks to Taylor M. Dail, 3209 Granite Court SW, $113,000;

From Jason R. Page, Mindy Nicole Pender, Lawrence Julian Gaissert III, Carroll B. Gaissert to Lawrence Julian Gaissert III, Carroll B. Gaissert, 2205 D-5, 2218 Nash Place N, $38,000;

From Clarence R. Boyette, Suzanne Boyette, Juanita B. Sims, Nancy Boyette to Clarence P. Boyette, Suzanne Boyette, 2015 Westwood Ave., 2011 Westwood Ave., no stamp;

From Bradley Clifton Davis to Corey Michael Fischer, Jacqueline Elizabeth Fischer, 2808 Ridge Road NW, $160,000;

From Arun Singh, Chetna Singh to R. M. Eatmon, 4109 Cypress Drive NW, $111,000;

From Julia R. Fielding, Marcus E. Fielding to BP Properties Wilson LLC, 308 Whitehead Ave. NE, $55,000;

From Jesse J. Richardson, Substitute Trustee Services Inc. to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-8, asset-backed certificates Series 2006-8, 210 Thurston Drive, $37,000;

From Michael D. Harris, Tanika Harris to Flipp Wilson LLC, 2400 Adventura Lane E, $60,000;

From New Hope Commons Investments LLC to Trevor Marcus Williams, 7640 N.C. 42 N., $132,500;

From Michael Edward McGee Jr., Mary Clayton Eggleston to John Fleming Lyon, Connie B. Lyon, 105 Lucas Ave. N., $95,000;

From Eddie J. Taylor, April Taylor, Philip A. Glass to State Employees’ Credit Union, 2709 Ridge Road NW, $125,000;

From Christopher M. Pender, Linda B. Pender, Philip A. Glass to State Employees’ Credit Union, 2004 Lenior Drive E, $121,500;

From Renee D. Williams, James A. Williams to William H. Hagwood, Ellen H. Hagwood, 5360 Packhouse Road, $163,000;

From Krystyna K. Smith to Marvin L. Bennett, Lois Atkinson Bennett, 1707 Wilshire Blvd. N., $210,000;

From Tony Melvin Mitchell, Rose D. Mitchell to David Beau, 7706 Allen Road, $35,000;

From Lillie Mae Eatmon, Ronnie Glenn Eatmon to Lillie Mae Eatmon, Ronnie Glenn Eatmon, 1823 Lynn Drive W., no stamp;

From Deborah Stewart Shephard to Robert D. Long, Carry A. Long, 2313 Tranquil Drive S.E., $149,000;

From Lawrence D. Krabill, Katherine H. Krabill, Elizabeth Christine Krabill to Charles Thomas Poston, 4805 Milliken Close, $215,000;

From Sherry Tew Walker to Sherry Tew Walker, Jerry V. Walker, 105 W. Grove Street, no stamp;

From Lawrence Owen Finch, Andrew Vining, Grady I. Ingle to Slipstream RTP Real Estate II LLC, 2513 Shreve Street SW, $66,000;

From Judy Spencer Gibson to Krista Lassiter, 1402 Chesnee Drive NW, $135,000;

From Cynthia C. Jackson, Reggie D. Cameron, Angela Harris, Kathy Cameron Collins to Kingsmill Homes of Wilson Inc., 5251 Packhouse Road, $40,000;

From Randall H. Boykin, Arlene D. Boykin to Randall H. Boykin, Arlene D. Boykin, Randall H. Boykin and Arlene D. Boykin Revocable Trust dated June 27, 2017, 5209 Lamm Road, 1500 Ralston Street, no stamp;

From Lynette Baker Hendricks to Ellen D. Saunders, Dana H. Bizzell, 604 Saratoga Street N., no stamp;

From Jerome Simms, Dorothy A. Simms to Barbara Williams Lewis, 900 Viola Street, $25,000;

From Alice Bissette, Jerry Lee Bissette to Tonya Bissette Thorne, Merle Arthur Thorne, 8435 Healthy Plains Church Road, no stamp;

From Tracy Ellis to Sarah Alsup, 709 Grove Street, no stamp;

From Walter Earl McCall, Jennifer Bray McCall to Everette Properties LLC, 5829 Bakers Court, $12,000;

From Jamie R. Mendelson, Mary Alice Dunn, Mary Belle Starling Ray to Evelyn B. Honse, 2730 Brentwood Drive N. 5A, $82,000;

From Myles Property Holdings LLC to J. W. Berry, A. F. Berry, 5110 Durban Drive N., $130,000;

From Jane Hayes Fliakos to Mary Kaitlyn Webb, Nathan Thomas Boykin III, 1704 Wallace Drive W., $127,000;

From Joshua William Bunn, Tracy B. Bunn to Maria Elsa Guerra, Leoncio Salazar Guerra, 2306 Runnymeade Road NW, $150,000;

From Xretha B. Hall, Donnie Hall Jr., Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to Wells Fargo Bank, Bear Stearns Asset Backed Securities I Trust 2004-BO1, 7431-A Hwy. 581, Kenly, $36,000;

From Melissa Long Yates, Jesse Graves Yates III, L. E. Taylor III to CFS Allocations Solutions VI LLC, 5602 Fairfield Dairy Road, $160,000;

From Kennedy Development Properties Inc. to B.W. Skinner Construction Inc., 5415 and 5419 Kristin Lane, $44,000;

From Royaneh Farm LLC to Tar River Ranch LLC, Howard Loop, $20,000;

From Roney B. Bunn Jr., Jean M. Bunn to Roney B. Bunn Jr., Leonard Road, no stamp;

From Kingsmill Homes of Wilson Inc to Crestview Design and Build LLC, Square One Construction Inc., 3610 Ashford Drive NW, $25,000;

From B&B Home Builders LLC to Ashlee Renee Forehand, Drick Michael Forehand, 4844 Mallard Lane, $125,000;

From Earnest Collier, Jean D. Collier to Gerardo Juarez, 204 W. Center St., $40,000;

From Tar River Ranch LLC to Royaneh Farm LLC, Woodridge Road, $155,000.