Despite personal distractions, Trump’s policies have merit

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I am sure your frequent letter-writers Deborah Baro and William T. “Nick” Smith were distressed to learn that President Trump had a perfect score on cognitive testing during his recent physical. Both Baro and Smith presumably have assumed that since Trump does not promote their apparent progressive, socialist agendas, he must be lacking in cognitive skills.

I do agree that Trump is afflicted with two chronic conditions not reported on his recent annual physical. Those two conditions, chronic “Twitter-itus” and chronic foot-in-mouth maladies, have in the past and continue to be impediments to advancing his agenda.

Despite those impediments, Trump’s rolling back regulations, signing legislation that has brought the corporate tax rate down to be competitive with most countries — although countries such as Ireland have much lower rates — and reducing overall tax rates has resulted in business optimism, an improving economy, improved labor force participation and decreased government dependency.

Conservatives and many moderates also believe the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and of similar justices to the federal courts to be major accomplishments.

Now, the remaining question is whether the above-mentioned maladies are significant enough to prevent accomplishing meaningful immigration reform, border security, adequate military and infrastructure funding and the resolution of DACA.

Our country needs and deserves for our discourse to be about policy and what is best for our country. I can only hope that the policies that Trump campaigned and was elected on are fairly and fully debated and voted on by their merits, and not primarily because of political considerations.

Jerry C. Woodard