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Editorial explains pet problem, calls for action

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Re: “Saving pets’ lives takes backseat to a petty turf tussle,” June 3:

This piece is truly why newspapers are needed in an educated society. With the newspaper, you can get the abstract effect as you and Dave DiFilippo do so well by paralleling story lines with cartoons. Hard to get that immediate dual impression when reporting on local issues by utilizing online materials and news services.

Your editorial today is the last voice that can amplify this pet/stray animal problem Wilson has. You succinctly spell out the who, what, why, when and how to address this problem and encourage the community’s involvement.

This is precisely the responsibility which local newspapers are obligated to live up to in their own communities. The Wilson Times exemplifies how serious it takes that responsibility.

I have followed the Times since I moved here. I buy it and several other papers daily. I would put the Times up against any other local publication and the Times will win hands down. Your influence has been such a positive effect on the readability and content of the Times — and it’s not only me who has recognized your positive contribution.


Anthony Verdini