Gun bans are already here

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I was blasted by someone who said banning guns is not possible because it takes two thirds of Congress to do that.

The founders said that our right to defend ourselves with firearms shall not be infringed. I looked up “infringe” in Webster’s 1828 dictionary. It clearly means that no law-abiding citizen’s right to defend themselves with firearms shall be restricted at all. Many politicians are getting by with infringing our rights by simply not banning all guns from everyone.

Banning AR-15-style rifles is an infringement on many people’s rights to defend themselves. Many believe AR-15-style rifles are the best defense weapon you can have. Let me give you examples. A man’s home was invaded by five men. He had an AK-47 and he won. A man’s home was invaded by seven men. He had an AR-15, fired 30 rounds and won. A petite Maryland mom’s home was invaded by three men who saw her AR-15 and they ran out the door. Banning these style rifles is clearly an infringement of the Second Amendment.

Chicago allows some people to have firearms but they are not allowed to have the guns outside their homes or in their cars in one of the most dangerous cities in America. This is a ban on their ability to defend themselves.

After Hurricane Katrina, the mayor instituted a total gun ban and many guns were confiscated from law-abiding citizens. Go to YouTube and watch the videos. The mayor and law enforcement paid no price for temporarily destroying the Second Amendment. It has never been reported, but I would imagine that many law-abiding citizens who had their guns taken suffered home invasions.

Sorry, ma’am, but gun bans are already here and growing. Many people in authority are on record as saying they want to ban all guns and they will fine anyone who disobeys the ban $250,000. These are facts.

Hyatt Field