Why I Teach: ‘I want to make an impact in students’ lives’

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Why I Teach

Vinson-Bynum Elementary School’s first-grade teacher Lauren Hong is featured in this week’s Why I Teach.

“I teach because I want to make an impact in students’ lives. It’s great to see when your kids grow from first grade and then they come back and are in fifth grade. I really enjoy watching them grow up, change and go through all of those life stages. It warms my heart.”

First Teaching Position: Fifth-grade teacher at Vinson-Bynum

Total Years Teaching: This is her sixth year teaching.

College Attended: Graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington with a major in elementary education and a minor in music with a concentration in vocal performance.

Favorite Quote: “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.” — Dr. Seuss, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go”

Other Interesting Facts: I am originally from Bath, but I grew up in Wilson. I attended Forest Hills Middle School and graduated from Hunt High School. I am married, and I do not have any kids, but I do have a 1-year old Lab.

Student Perspective: “Ms. Hong is kind and nice. She is fun, and we get to have Fun Friday.” — Anthony Carr

Student perspective: “Ms. Hong is a great teacher because she reads books, she lets us go outside, and she lets us play on the track. She lets us do a lot of fun stuff. Sometimes Anthony and me don’t get along. Sometimes we do but sometimes we don’t. Sometimes Ms. Hong solves the problem and sometimes she makes us solve the problem.” — Kayden Arthur