Letter of the Month: Good Samaritans come through for stranded motorist

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Not all angels are sent to announce virgin births or the destruction of sinful cities like Sodom and Gomorrah. On some occasions, they may even take on the appearance of an ordinary guy driving a pickup truck willing to help a stranded motorist. 

I was returning from Raleigh this Tuesday, Jan. 2, with my wife, daughter and grandson about 10 p.m. when just on the off-ramp from U.S. 264 a horrible noise emanated from the back left tire. Upon pulling over, I saw to my dismay, a flat tire and I without a jack. Good planning, right?  

After several fruitless attempts to flag down a Good Samaritan, one finally pulled over. 

Nick Williams had no reason to stop on a cold, 13-degree night, but he did and offered to get a jack and tire iron and return.  Indeed he did, and with his brother, Tony,  in two quick shakes of a lamb's tail changed that tire and were on their way after refusing any remuneration at all. 

Turns out that not only did Nick and Tony come to help us out, but they took time out from their paving business, Williams Paving, to do so as they were preparing snow plow equipment in anticipation of tomorrow's storm. 

So, as the Good Book says, some have entertained angels unawares; but sometimes angels, in human guise, provide succor to those in need. God bless the Williams brothers and their generous hearts.

Tom Haitema

Editor's Note: This letter was originally published Jan. 4 and is January's nominee for the Elizabeth Swindell Award for local commentary. Swindell Award winners and monthly nominees are selected by the Times editorial board. A separate honor, named for Times founder John D. Gold, is awarded by public online vote. Visit WilsonTimes.com to review January's letters and vote for the month's John D. Gold Award nominee. The letter with the most votes will be reprinted after online voting for January closes on Feb. 16.