Liberals fight to divide, not unite us

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Ever thought how accurate that agenda-driven drivel show’s name is, “The View?” As in the supposedly one and only view — and each time the one smart gal on the end tried to say Trump won and explain his stance, Whoopi Goldberg loudly spoke over her.

This is the liberal — illiberal — party of tolerance, open-mindedness and free speech? Just like the czar-happy, no-one-country-should-be-greater-than-the-other, trillions-in-debt, phony-compassionate, USA-apologizing Obama? Total hypocrisy.

The true hope is in God. Truth never dies. Let the slanderous salamanders slither around, leaving slime trails across newsprint and TV screens. Now is the time to rise up and realize. We are victorious. Pray for the pathetic. Be grateful you are not them. Recognize the Russian rush to judgement for what it is — a last-ditch vindictive effort to damage those who love God and country.

Don’t let those race-baiters cause you to hate. See them for what they are as they tout anti-violence, anti-gun, and equal rights, but fill the airwaves with nightly murder, racism, shootings, women supposedly kicking men’s whatever and that all is supposed to be entertaining.

See the complete fabrication of “women’s empowerment” like racism for political gain and if you have a brain you can see that means women are weak, lesser than, and somehow need other humans to “empower” them. What a crock! Women for eons have had all the power they need given by God’s grace — intelligence, the power to attract men and the ability to reproduce life!

Wake up, people. This miserable crowd is always on the hunt for some crutch to lean on — be it real or imagined. Oh, and anyone heard calls for unity lately? Absolutely not — it’s “keep fighting.” They don’t want unity and racial equality because that lack of division and hatred would greatly reduce if not eliminate the existence of the Democratic Party.

Quentin Warren
Snow Hill