‘Mamma Mia’ production impresses at Boykin Center

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I regret all of Wilson’s finest were unable to see a fun -illed and fabulous production at the Edna Boykin Cultural Center. Miss Boykin would have been so very proud of the community actors.

The play “Mamma Mia” involved a mother and daughter’s relationship and much more! It was heartwarming for me to see at least three mother-daughter combinations in the cast and many families sharing the production experience. It is a true representation of what the Playhouse, the ACT for Youth program, Visions Community Theater and the Arts Council of Wilson Inc. works to provide for our Wilson families.

Although some of the material was a little adult, I witnessed it handled properly by moms and dads who explained the realities of being grown up and not always making the best decisions. The actors displayed the act of living with those decisions when you are “the” mother’s age. I don’t want to expose the plot because it was so much fun to watch and hear the cast, crew and musicians transform those marvelous songs by ABBA into a timeless story.

The cast was amazing and in some cases, I began to laugh when the actor or actress just walked on stage. I fear that I will leave out someone’s name, so let me say this — many of the cast members are some of our most talented Wilson residents. Some have not been featured in some time. Also, the mixture of ages was wonderful with cast members from ACT for Youth, both current and graduates, mixing with older actors who are as close to pros as they come.

The voices, in my humble but right opinion — LOL — were fantastic and the dancing was just plain fun. One of the mommy-type actresses had a leg extension that would impress any Rockette or broadway gypsy. Their antics achieved amazed me.

The second week of the production had to be postponed due to our health issues that our government is working against diligently to protect us. However, if it is able to return, please make an effort to see it. I left the theater singing “Waterloo” and laughed when a 20-year-old joined in. It’s ageless and well worth your time and when these days of health issue are over, we can rejoice and all sing “Waterloo”!

Thanks, Playhouse of Wilson, for a really great show. God bless you!

W. Barrett (Barry) Page