Numbers don’t lie, and the facts are on Trump’s side

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Again and again, liberals have criticized the Trump administration on a number of issues. Here’s my challenge: I would like to see a column or letter from one of the liberal Democrats that will clear up a few things for this conservative.

How do lower corporate and personal income taxes hurt Americans?

About 1.1 million people have dropped off the welfare rolls. What is wrong with fewer people receiving government assistance and more people working?

There were 1.7 million jobs created since January 2017, and we have the lowest unemployment in years. Is this bad for the economy?

Minority unemployment rate is now the lowest in history. Explain this.

Household incomes are up over 3 percent for the first time in seven years, and new home sales are at their highest level in 10 years.

To date, 14 companies have announced employee bonuses, minimum wage increases or business expansions since the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

The U.S. manufacturing index is at a 33-year high. Refugee admissions are down 83 percent. Manufacturing unemployment rate is 2.6 percent — lowest in history.

Our liberal friends want us to believe that tax cuts will not work, but higher taxes will. It’s totally absurd the Democrats believe that if you keep more of the money you worked hard for, that you are stealing from the government.

Liberals want you to believe open borders and allowing more illegal immigrants into the country is good for America and cutting military spending will make the country stronger and safer.

Look at foreign policy. ISIS-controlled territory in the Middle East has now been reduced by 98 percent. Constraints have been removed and the military is no longer micromanaged by the White House.

Democrats propose a bigger federal government, higher taxes, increasing the welfare rolls, more business regulations, open borders, and last but not least, legalizing marijuana.

During the Obama administration, William T. “Nick” Smith blamed President Bush for excess spending and the slow economic recovery. Now that Trump has turned the economy around, it is because of Obama’s policies. High corporate taxes, burdensome regulations and high income taxes did not turn the economy around.

Our liberal friend George Leach said “we must cling to a free press and the right to be informed with facts that lead to truth.”

Well, we are waiting. Article after article presents no facts, only phony opinions and Trump-bashing. When will we see opinions backed up by facts?

William E. Biddle