Sheriff, clerk of court sworn in

Woodard vows vigilance; Quinn starts first full term

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Sheriff Calvin Woodard and Wilson County Clerk of Superior Court Caroline Quinn took their oaths of office after being elected to their positions on Nov. 6.


Dozens gathered to watch as Woodard was sworn in to his third term as sheriff of Wilson County. Superior Court Judge Lamont Wiggins administered the oaths of office to Woodard and his deputies, civilian personnel and detention officers on the courthouse steps.

Woodard, who has been sheriff since 2010, thanked residents, his staff and family for their support. He also vowed to continue fighting against drugs and gangs to ensure residents have a safe place to live.

“We are going to ensure that these gangs don’t take over our families, don’t take over our streetcorners or take away from the prosperity of living within Wilson County,” Woodard told the crowd. “But most of all, we are not going to let these drugs come up within our communities and take away our kids, take away our families ...”

Woodard said his office will also remain vigilant to ensure children are safe at schools along with their teachers and administrators. He said he couldn’t do what he does without the sheriff’s office staff who work to make things happen in Wilson County.

He said the women and men of the sheriff’s office go to work each day knowing they might not return home. They do so, Woodard said because they love the community they serve.

Woodard said his employees work to ensure “all of us can be able to walk amongst our streets without any sense of violence amongst our communities.”

“We want a peaceful way of life within Wilson County,” Woodard said. “Our kids will make it in this community. Our older adults will make it in this community. Our families and yours will make it in this community. But it’s going to take us all working together to ensure that it happens.”

Woodard said while the sheriff’s office isn’t perfect, its staff works hard to ensure safety. He said from jail staff to patrol deputies to animal enforcement officers, staff members work diligently each day to make Wilson a safer place.

“Thank you for making this a success,” Woodard told the crowd. “The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office is your sheriff’s office.”


Dozens of attorneys, court personnel, family members and friends also attended Quinn’s swearing-in as the newly elected clerk of Superior Court. Wilson County District Court Judge William Farris administered the oath of office to Quinn as her daughter, Lillie, held the Bible. Quinn’s assistants and deputies were also sworn in.

Quinn, a former assistant district attorney, was first appointed to the position to serve the remaining term of former clerk Andrew Whitley, who chose not to seek re-election.

Quinn, who has also worked as an attorney for her family’s law firm Farris & Farris, filed to run for the elected position in February. She was elected to her first term on Nov. 6.

Quinn said she was grateful to her staff members who work each day to make things possible.

“This doesn’t work without them,” Quinn told those in attendance. “They are not only wonderful employees, but they are wonderful people. That’s been the best thing about this job so far is the staff that Andrew left. I’m grateful to him for that. I’m really grateful for every one of you and I’m thankful you are here today to do this. I’m looking so forward to continuing to serve the people of our county in my position as Wilson County clerk of Superior Court.”

Quinn’s father, attorney Robert Farris Jr., introduced her prior to her swearing in.

“Caroline has served Wilson County practically since she was born,” Robert Farris Jr. told those in the room. “She was raised here. She’s helped with her church and community throughout her life.”