Societal failures breed culture of violence

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Cultural changes in the United States over the last 50 years indicates that gun control is not the answer. The mass shootings in the United States are a result of the culture changes made since the 1960s.

The traditional family unit has been adversely affected during the last 50 years. Entitlement programs have been established encouraging men and women to live separate lives, foregoing the traditional family. Welfare, Medicaid and the food stamp program have influenced those decisions. Entitlement programs have encouraged young girls to have children without the benefit of marriage. Out-of-wedlock births have increased by 517 percent from 1965 to 2016, contributing further to the traditional family unit’s reduction.

Culture has become more violent in the past 50 years. Violence has been driven by riots where no one was punished, by a violent movie industry and the violent video games that our young children have been attracted and addicted to.

Our children are guided by what they see adults do. When adults riot and damage property without consequences, they tend to mimic these adults. The movie industry makes millions from violent movies featuring weapons not available to the general public. Many youngsters try to imitate the movies, wreaking havoc upon society.

Add to the riots and violent movies you have a new demon — the video game. Video games are more addictive than riots or violent movies. Our youngsters play for hours, locked into the action. Many of today’s video games are more violent than any riot or movie. After hours or even days of playing video games, many players become bored with the video game and wish to perform the game for real.

To pass further laws limiting citizens’ rights without first correcting the violent culture of the United States would be putting each and every citizen in more danger. Our culture must become less violent with more emphasis on the traditional family where parents are parents and children are children.

The need to bear arms is probably just as great today due to the violent culture that we live in as it was when our Founding Fathers envisioned the need to defend ourselves from an overbearing government.

Ray Shamlin

Rocky Mount