The Brittany XIV as perfect as ever

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The sun peeked out from behind the clouds briefly Saturday, but the weather conditions had little impact on the perfection that is The Brittany.

More than 1,200 players on 68 high school girls soccer teams came together on the pristine fields of Gillette Soccer Complex and at Fike High to celebrate the life of Brittany Willis for the 14th straight spring.

There were goals and saves, T-shirts and pizza, hugs and waves and, most of all, smiles. All in all, just perfect.

Paul Durham

The Brittany XIV Results

Match results from The Brittany XIV, played Friday and Saturday. Scoring information, when available, and Sportsmanship Award winners for each team.



At Hunt

Laney 9, East Carteret 0

Goals — Not available.

Sportsmanship Awards — East Carteret: Ashley-Caroline Rice; Laney: Haley Shand


At Fike

South Central 1, Kerr-Vance 1

Goals — South Central: Natalie Haldeman; Kerr-Vance: Nicole Dunkley

Sportsmanship Awards — South Central: Kianna Barrett; Kerr-Vance: Riley Short

White Oak 3, Enloe 2

Goals — White Oak: Ida Johansen 2, Mia Fuentes; Enloe: Jasmine Batts, Courtney Eash

Sportsmanship Awards — Enloe: Kyra Koons; White Oak: Ida Johansen



At Gillette No. 1

Pinecrest 9, Rose 0

Goals — Not available.

Sportsmanship Awards — Pinecrest: Molly Niewald; Rose: Hannah Hallow

Broughton 2, Corinth Holders 2

Goals — Not available.

Sportsmanship Awards — Broughton: Lucy Krueger; Corinth Holders: Erica Boswell


At Gillette No. 2

First Flight 5, Fike 1

Goals — Not available.

Sportsmanship Awards — First Flight: Brayleigh Jones; Fike: Reily Nelson

Swansboro 2, Hickory 0

Goals — Swansboro: Caitlynn Bragg, Caitlyn Sigafose

Sportsmanship Awards — Swansboro: Kayla Johnson; Hickory: Brooke Rowland


At Gillette No. 3

Hunt 2, Western Guilford 1

Goals — Hunt: Kristen Armstrong 2; Western Guilford: Kylie Groh

Sportsmanship Awards — Hunt: Bailey Hardison; Western Guilford: Lydia Scott

Marvin Ridge 2, Cardinal Gibbons 0

Goals — Not available.

Sportsmanship Awards — Cardinal Gibbons: Meghan Kast; Marvin Ridge: Delaney McDermott


At Gillette No. 4

Forbush 4, New Bern 0

Goals — Forbush: Emily Marcincavage, Michaela Stone, Macey York, Karlie Coffman

Sportsmanship Awards — New Bern: Meghan Guter; Forbush: Megan Smith

Millbrook 2, New Hanover 0

Goals — Millbrook: Makaya Parham, Mara Tate

Sportsmanship Awards — New Hanover: Frances Coleman; Millbrook: Erin Mulligan


At Gillette No. 5

Hickory Ridge 1, Jacksonville 0

Goals — Hickory Ridge: Sara Miskelly

Sportsmanship Awards — Jacksonville: Megan Serrano; Hickory Ridge: Emma Wakeman

Goldsboro 3, Greenfield 0

Goals — Goldsboro: Hannah Williamson 2, Anna Prezbindowski

Sportsmanship Awards — Greenfield: Sumer Hassan; Goldsboro: Abigail Lewis


At Gillette No. 6

Ashley 4, Clayton 1

Goals — Not available.

Sportsmanship Awards — Clayton: Riley Mann; Ashley: Mia Hogan

South Brunswick 7, Rocky Mount 2

Goals — Not available.

Sportsmanship Awards — South Brunswick: Ava Lechtracker; Rocky Mount: Carson Browder


At Gillette No. 7

Wayne Country Day 1, East Wake 1

Goals — Wayne Country Day: Langley Barnes; East Wake: Kenia Rodriguez

Sportsmanship Awards — Wayne Country Day: Ashton Gupton; East Wake: Eboni Montague

Parrott Academy 2, East Wake Academy 0

Goals — Parrott: Alexandra Melk, second goal unknown

Sportsmanship Awards — Parrott: Kim Siebert; East Wake: Savannah Sprague


At Gillette No. 8

West Carteret 3, Clinton 0

Goals — West Carteret: Briana Mason, Kelisa Wardell, own goal (Clinton)

Sportsmanship Awards — Clinton: Zebria Vann; West Carteret: Raine Greene

Currituck 6, Cleveland 1

Goals — Not available.

Sportsmanship Awards — Currituck: Samantha Phillips; Cleveland: Sidney Bass



At Fike

Halifax Academy 4, Southeastern Homeschool 2

Goals — Halifax: Whitney George 4; Southeastern: Sarah Smith, Lyric Robinson

Sportsmanship Awards — Halifax: Holly Forsht; Southeastern: Micah King


At Gillette No. 1

Bartlett Yancey 1, Southern Nash 0

Goals — Yancey: Aniya Muldrow

Sportsmanship Awards — Southern Nash: Isabella Wooten; Yancey: Norah Massey

Hoggard 2, Marvin Ridge 1

Goals — Hoggard: Chloe Whitaker 2; Marvin Ridge: Delaney McDermott

Sportsmanship Awards — Marvin Ridge: Julia More; Hoggard: Phoebe Simpson

Garner Magnet 4, Hunt 3

Goals — Not available.

Sportsmanship Awards — Garner Magnet: Cassidy Wilson; Hunt: Miriam Herrea

Community Christian 2, Camden 0

Goals — Community Christian: Olivia Bullard 2

Sportsmanship Awards — Camden: Victoria Blount; Community Christian: Olivia Bullard


At Gillette No. 2

Beddingfield 2, Hobbton 2

Goals — Beddingfield: Liz Ortiz-Flores, Jasa’Ray Pope; Hobbton: Krystal Martinez, Maria Lopez

Sportsmanship Awards — Beddingfield: Lynsey Reason; Hobbton: Alexus Bustamanta

Pinecrest 3, Corinth Holders 1

Goals — Pinecrest: Caitlin Stevens, Molly Niewald 2; Corinth Holders: Carolina Solis

Sportsmanship Awards — Pinecrest: Danielle Richmond; Corinth Holders: Faith Thomson

White Oak 4, New Hanover 3

Goals — White Oak: Kamryn Davis, Sabrina Herritt, Mia Fuentes, Ida Johansen; New Hanover: Caroline Herring, Jessup Hobbs 2

Sportsmanship Awards — White Oak: Kaylee Cruz; New Hanover: Jessup Hobbs

Durham School of the Arts 7, Northern Nash 0

Goals — Durham: Jessie Foday, Kaylee Eakes 2, Emma Lacy, Nona Borden, Sophie Griffin, Allison Brown

Sportsmanship Awards — Northern Nash: Maycee Aycock; Durham: Katherine Barrier


At Gillette No. 3

D.H. Conley 1, Currituck 0

Goals — Conley: Jenna Rupp

Sportsmanship Awards — Conley: Jenna Lee; Currituck: Kenzie Kelleher

Swansboro 7, Pasquotank 0

Goals — Swansboro: Heidi Stewart, Kialee Lins, Kimmie Ross 2, No. 12, Isabel Robayo, Ashleigh Parkin

Sportsmanship Awards — Pasquotank: Leylanna Gonzalez; Swansboro: Heidi Stewart

Dixon 3, Carrboro 0

Goals — Dixon: Hailey Russell 2, own goal (Carrboro)

Sportsmanship Awards — Dixon: Hailey Russell; Carrboro: Brynn Holt-Ling

Nash Central 3, Person 0

Goals — Not available.

Sportsmanship Awards — Nash Central: Linzi Long; Person: Christine Roberts


At Gillette No. 4

Wilson Christian 10, Bunn 1

Goals — Wilson Christian: Skylar Pone, Lindsey Hunter 2, Anna Grace Abrams 3 (2 assists), Jenna Hunter, Alyssa Reece 2, Jenna Varnell; Bunn: Kayla Sellars

Sportsmanship Awards — Wilson Christian: Caitlyn Barnes; Bunn: Rachel Alford

Hickory 3, Jacksonville 1

Goals — Hickory: Ayden Vaughan 2, Lauren Hayes; Jacksonville: Shelly Voyles

Sportsmanship Awards — Hickory: Jess La Francis; Jacksonville: Maddie Washington

First Flight 2, Forbush 1

Goals — First Flight: Lauren Montgomery, Sarah York: Forbush: Miriana Lyon

Sportsmanship Awards — Forbush: Macey York; First Flight: Codie Patterson

Franklin Academy 2, Topsail 0

Goals — Franklin Academy: Niamh Stephan

Sportsmanship Awards — Franklin: Macy Frutiger; Topsail: Tralyn Magliocco


At Gillette No. 5

East Duplin 5, West Johnston 3

Goals — East Duplin: Taylor Moomey, Mirana Brown, Daniela Morales 2, Cinthya Maldonado; West Johnston: Jenna Tomlinson, Cassidy Crist, Alex Goldner

Sportsmanship Awards — East Dublin: Daniela Morales; West Johnston: Jenna Tomlinson

Laney 2, Hickory Ridge 0

Goals — Laney: Haley Shand 2

Sportsmanship Awards — Laney: Courtney Dwertman; Hickory Ridge: Anna Cornelius

Rocky Mount 4, Cape Fear 2

Goals — Rocky Mount: Nova Casillas, Katie Moss 3; Cape Fear: Emilya Holt, Sydney Capan

Sportsmanship Awards — Rocky Mount: Katie Moss; Cape Fear: Sydney Capan

Croatan 4, Saint Mary’s 1

Goals — Croatan: Logan Howard 2, Kaia Richardson, Lorena Montesano; Saint Mary’s: Ella Groover

Sportsmanship Awards — Croatan: Hunter Straub; Saint Mary’s: Lizzy Crumpton


At Gillette No. 6

Franklinton 5, Union Pines 0

Goals — Not available.

Sportsmanship Awards — Franklinton: LaDonna Cornell; Union Pines: Allyson Bailey

Apex Friendship 4, Fike 1

Goals — Not available.

Sportsmanship Awards — Fike: Jah’Asia Pernell; Apex Friendship: Isabelle Losavio

Western Guilford 2, New Bern 1

Goals — Western Guilford: Ronnie Garrou, Ella Brisotti; New Bern: Dylan Smith

Sportsmanship Awards — Western Guilford: Ella Brisotti; New Bern: Madison Gaskins

East Carteret 4, Fayetteville Academy 2

Goals — East Carteret: Gracie Somers, Ashley-Caroline Rice; Emy Cloutier; Fayetteville Academy: Talana Banks, Rianna Orello

Sportsmanship Awards — Fayetteville Academy: Simone Stokes; East Carteret: Blair Elliott


At Gillette No. 7

Rocky Mount Academy 7, North Johnston 1

Goals — Not available.

Sportsmanship Awards — North Johnston: Barrett Davis; Rocky Mount Academy: Haley McCall

Ashley 3, Clinton 0

Goals — Not available.

Sportsmanship Awards — Ashley: Lucy Jennings-Gilbert; Clinton: Edyn Jane Carr

Havelock 6, Washington 1

Goals — Not available

Sportsmanship Awards — Havelock: Bre Gares; Washington: Julissa Perez

Cedar Ridge 3, Southwest Onslow 1

Goals — Not available.

Sportsmanship Awards — Southwest Onslow: Riley McCauley; Cedar Ridge: Taylin Jean


At Gillette No. 8

DASH Homeschool 7, Eastern Wayne 0

Goals — Not available.

Sportsmanship Awards — DASH: Lynn Rasmussen; Eastern Wayne: Claire Molloy

South Brunswick 10, Northeastern 1

Goals — Not available .

Sportsmanship Awards — South Brunswick: Dani Hitchcock; Northeastern: Caroline Shybel

Rose 3, Enloe 3

Goals — Rose: Isabella Corder 2, Bridget Kenny; Enloe: Audrey Pluska, Gigi Cloney 2

Sportsmanship Awards — Rose: April Zeng; Enloe: Gigi Cloney

South View 6, Faith Christian 0

Goals — Not available.

Sportsmanship Awards — South View: Kelsey Burge; Faith Christian: Maggie Parker