The Medici in D.C.

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The Medici family ruled Florence during the Renaissance period without a crown or royal title. The nobles resented the interlopers’ erosion of their entitled positions and did all they could to destroy the Medici, who were considered mere commoners and merchants. The not-so-wealthy nobles also resented the Medicis’ access to capital.

The nobles accused the Medici of treason and collusion with enemy states. Such accusations were never backed by real evidence and eventually backfired on the accusers. Then the Medici had to fight charges of improper use of papal funds as the Medici owned the bank that handled the pope’s and the church’s accounts. These charges, too, were unfounded and went nowhere.

What fueled the discord was the nobility’s inability to understand that a new day had dawned and the right of certain people to rule by dint of their descent was passing away. The Medici were flawed and by no means saints, but their savvy business acumen provided the Republic of Florence a way forward into a prosperous future.

The parallels with today’s political scene are uncanny. What could possibly give rise to the kind of rage that we have seen in movements such as Antifa, the Resistance and others that have filled our streets with discord?

Perhaps these folks refuse to recognize that a new day has dawned and the new man in charge, flawed and no saint, is guiding the nation into a prosperous future with or without the cooperation of the old political nobility.

The June 14 attack on members of Congress by an obviously mentally unstable individual is perhaps a logical terminus for all the hate and vitriol that has been directed at the president. When will the opposition cease to be filled with unfounded conspiracy theories and re-take their traditional role as the loyal opposition?

Members of the old order need to renew their commitment to democratic ideals. They can then ask their foot soldiers and minions to take the rhetoric and hate down several notches so our representatives can dedicate themselves to regaining America’s position as first among the world’s nations.

Tom Haitema