Trump had to fix Obama’s bad deals

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Trump wrote a book titled “The Art of the Deal,” and it would be easy for Obama to write one with the title, “The Art of Making Bad Deals.”

One of the worst deals Obama made was the one that gave the Taliban five of its own who would still fight against America and we got one deserter from the Army who did not come to fight for America. One poll said that only 20% of the people approved of the deal. The deal was so bad the leader of the Taliban mocked us and said it was a victory for the Taliban over America.

Obama made another bad deal when Iran wanted to get the atomic bomb and billions of dollars it could use for terror against Israel and America. The leader of Israel could see tgat only one atomic bomb could wipe out most of Israel and one more could destroy New York City, and he called it a historically bad deal.

Sen. Ted Cruz said the deal made Obama the top sponsor of terror in the world and he said he would rip it up as soon as he could if he were elected president. Everyone should be glad that Trump did the same thing. We already have too much terrorism.

Stan Severson

Summerville, S.C.