Unearned degrees, sports mania changing colleges

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Re: “Take Cosby’s phony doctorate and the rest, too,” editorial, Wednesday:

Whoever wrote this opinion; my hearty thanks and congratulations. It is local articles like this that pleases me to subscribe to The Wilson Times. The message is the gospel truth and nothing phony about it. If I had the literary gumption of this writer, I could write a volume about the folly of our so-called distinguished intellectuals guiding our colleges and universities.

I guess without a doubt that Bill Cosby is a phony and it breaks my heart, because I have always had the utmost respect for him; not only as an actor but his contribution to the saneness of our society. I always thought he did more to mend racial unrest than anyone in his day of popularity.

However, speaking of phony ones, I must say that Bill Cosby is not in this class alone. According to the editorial, Cosby accumulated about five-dozen honorary doctorates from prestigious universities such as Notre Dame, Johns Hopkins and North Carolina which, of course, meant that Cosby could be addressed as doctor and be within bounds of the intellectual community.

I understand that Cosby is as a great fan of Temple University and probably attended as a student but I doubt he ever came close in his studies to earn a Ph.D, which leads me to this statement. I would like to say this to the college and university intellectual gurus: If a person such as Bill Cosby can deserve an honorary doctorate for being honorable, why not bestow an honorary doctorate on the tens of thousands of men and women who have given their life, limbs and minds for the cause of freedom? How more honorable can a citizen become?

College and university intellectuals are striving to increase the prestige of their respective institutions of higher learning. Unfortunately, it is being done by the method of football and basketball. It seems that these two sports along with ESPN are the ruling factor in destroying the integrity of many colleges and universities. If $100 million is desired for a football stadium or a coliseum; no problem. The fanatical booster clubs see the need and the resources are raised overnight. However, if a new science building is desperately needed, the fanatics point to the legislature (taxpayers) for relief and this is a stingy lot when it is a decision concerning education.

Remove athletic scholarships and ESPN and our colleges and universities will again be what they were meant to be.

Carl Hinson