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Wilson businesses pitch in for ENCSD students

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I am writing to publicly express our gratitude to a few local Wilson businesses for their assistance in helping Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf students graduate with a diploma.

As many know, the end of the school year is quickly approaching. This is a time to recognize students’ success, but I also want to recognize the local businesses that have made their success possible. Many of the students who graduate from ENCSD are dependent on local businesses to complete their competitive employment hours required to get a high school diploma.

This year, there are five businesses I would like to recognize: Pizza Inn, McDonald’s, Zaxby’s, Wilson Community College and The SPOT.

This is a collaborative effort from the owners of these locations, the supervisors who manage them and the employees who assist them. I am extremely proud of our students’ accomplishments and wanted to express my gratitude.

Amanda Rogers
ENCSD job coach